Pacific Psychology Services

Pacific Psychology Services' primary focus is forensic psychology - the interface between psychology and law. Our group consists of expertly trained forensic psychologists who provide evaluation and consultation, and offer testimony regarding court referred cases. We are experienced in criminal and civil matters and regularly provide trainings for mental health professionals, social workers, and attorneys.

When attorneys and their clients require a forensic psychologist, finding an objective, ethical, and competent professional is crucial. Forensic evaluations are complex and typically involve a large amount of data from a variety of sources.The client base we serve includes adolescents, adults, special needs, and ESL populations. Our approach is empirically based and built on a foundation of objectivity. We adhere to the highest professional, scientific, and ethical standards.

Our evaluations are used in pre- and post-adjudication criminal proceedings and include determination of sex offender risks/needs and current and retrospective evaluation of individuals' mental condition as it relates to competency, diminished capacity, insanity, and mitigation. In civil matters we regularly provide evaluations and testimony for arbitration, parental capacity, sexual assault victims, sexually violent predator, and second opinion matters. A particular expertise of our group is the evaluation of risk for future violence and sexual violence.

Our commitment at Pacific Psychology Services is to provide clients with professionalism, diligence, sensitivity, and excellence.

James Manley, Ph.D., SOTP
Lead Psychologist

Educator, clinical supervisor, trainer

Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers
American Board of Professional Psychologists
American Psychological Association
American Family Conciliatory Courts
Society for Personality Assessment